In Power Cord Hell…

To cut a long story short, I am moving a flat screen TV in a condo and needed an 18 foot long power cable with ends like this:

The end with the pins on that goes into the wall socket is actually called a NEMA 5-15 plug and the other end is called a C13 connector (the mating half is called a C14 connector because I know you wanted to ask that).

After a LOT of online searching I eventually found one (seven bucks for the cable, TWELVE for shipping LOL!).

Then I decided I wanted a bigger screen TV in this location, so off we go to get one (on Black Friday too, but not too bad later in the day). Get it home and the power cord has a totally different connector on the back, one of those figure of eight connectors like this:

This is called a C7 connector (the socket is C8 because I know you wanted to know that), so, now I need an 18 foot  NEMA 5-15 plug to C7 cable. Can I find one? Not on this planet!

However I did find this:

A C14 to C7 adapter. Problem solved.

So thank you SAMSUNG. In spite of your best efforts to foil my plans by using a power cable connector that no one in their right minds uses anymore, I was able to actually wire the thing up. Today a TV, tommorow THE WORLD, BWAAHAHAHA….

And you thought that all you had to do was to plug it in…!


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