Just another day in…

Here’s a quick roundup of today:

Dog is getting old so he sleeps in the kitchen at night, wake up to poop and pee (oh joy but at least I was not first up, kid was. Ha ha!).

Kid gets soda out of fridge to take to school. Can explodes. Soda everywhere!

Wife backs her car (Mercedes Benz convertible) out of garage into my car (very old and tired Pontiac) . Breaks her taillight, dents side. My car has a slightly bent mirror.

Wife has 14 screaming pre-school kids all day.

I have a lousy day at work culminated by me leading a customer meeting where no one turned up, not even the customer (at least it was a short meeting).

Kid hits me up for $400 plus for school books tonight!


On the plus side, no one died, no one got hurt and we live to see another day. Can’t wait.


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