Hope and Despair…

I was watching TV last week and for some strange reason ended up watching two shows in turn that were polar opposites.


The first was about a number of scientists (as in really, REALLY clever people) who were trying to figure out what the universe is made of, down at the sub (sub, sub, sub I guess) atomic level. Now you might wonder why this is important and I really have no idea but maybe, just maybe they might discover something that could say, let us travel the stars, who knows really what the result will be of what they discover.

But in the end it’s about us as a species pushing our knowledge to it’s very limits and about fulfilling our potential. If you’re religious you might even say it’s about finding god itself (whatever it is hence the small ‘g’!) by using the capabilities and gifts that we either developed by pure chance or were given to us by some divine body. At worst it gives us a chance to perhaps get off this rock and explore the universe we live in beyond what we can do today.

It’s perhaps most of all about possibilities.


Then there’s the second show I watched (immediately after the first as it happens) about two motorcycle ‘clubs’ in San Diego. What can I say really. The main aim of their existence seems to be to destroy the other ‘club’ and pretty much everyone else around them (related or innocent bystander) in the process.  What’s sad is that a lot of these people are ex military and seem to have some concept of loyalty and I’m not knocking that or their service but really, is trying to kick the crap out of another bunch of guys to protect your ‘brothers’ the best you can come up with.


What’s really sad is that I suspect that in spite of the hopes and aspirations of the first group, it will be the reckless destruction by the second group that will ultimately seal our future as a race.

So what do you think, are we doomed to die at the hands of mindless morons or is their hope for us ?


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