Wireless Midi – The Plan…

So, with the wireless midi setup working, obviously I need more!

One issue is that the Lucina does not send volume info via midi so I have no volume control. What I can do though is control the volume on the effects unit that is in my rack setup and my normal way of setting the rack up is to feed the output from the synth module into the effects unit and then to the PA.

Reading the midibridge doc it seems I can in fact setup multiple connections to the wireless midi which would be on the iPad for now (although each iPod can only initiate one session) so I figured I could hook up my midi foot controller using a similar setup and put the keytar and synth module on one midi channel and the controller and effects unit on another channel and it should all work just fine! Also, I can use the foot controller to change effects settings on the effects unit as well as control the volume and use the keytar to change patch settings on the synth module.

The only down side so far is that my current foot controller is mains powered so it’s not really wireless totally yet but I could live with that for now! At least I’d only need a power cable going to the foot controller instead of a power cable and midi cable as now.

Here’s a picture of ‘the plan’…:



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One Response to “Wireless Midi – The Plan…”

  1. Tommy Jones Says:

    I need your help- I have looked high and low for someone’s guidance in fixing my keytar…it seems the mod bar has gone crazy! If I slide a note it transposes the key and won’t transpose back. Any suggestions you have is much appreciated. Please contact me at damoochmusic@yahoo.com

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