A Close Shave…

About a week ago we had a bit of a storm pass through here. Not big by many standards but bad enough to down a few trees.

I woke up the following day to find this in the back yard:


I pretty old and tired (and well rotted) dead tree from the wooded area behind the house had come down. So I’m thinking we got off pretty lightly since a much bigger tree had fallen into the wooded area itself, taking out a neighbors fence in the process but so far no damage to houses.

Some time later the wife says, go look around the side of the house:



While it does not look that big on the pictures, it is plenty big enough. This tree had been hit by lightning several years ago and was obviously not up to the task of withstanding the passing storm.

What was lucky though was that it had fallen between our house and next door’s house and had managed to miss both houses (ours by inches) and my AC units which along that side of the house.

This was the scene a little further up the street with several tree limbs down but again, no damage:

TreesDown4Overall, can’t complain!


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