The ‘joy’ of being the ‘geek’ in the house…

I’m sure my wife and son conspire to drive me nuts at times. The kid bought my wife a DVD of games for her laptop for her birthday because she likes to play this particular type of game. Great, except that her laptop does not have a DVD drive. No problem, just pop it in my desktop, share the drive and we’re good to go. Except…

When I put it in my PC, the whole PC locked up pretty much. Not sure if it was the antivirus software or what but it was pretty dead. So that’s not going to work.

No prob, try another PC. Dig out a VERY old laptop with a DVD drive in it.

First problem, Bios had lost the date. No prob, reset, reboot.

Because it’s an old laptop it does not have a built in network interface so I plugged in the old wifi card. Great except that the PC locks up connecting to the network! Eventually it crashes so I reboot. Then Windows want to check the drive so I wait while it does that. This time I use a wired network card and all is well so I install the DVD, share the drive and run the installer from the wife’s laptop. Then it says it cannot find so and so file.

So I map the share to a drive letter and run the installer that way.

Finally success!


The laptops side by side while I go through this mess (old on the left, wife’s on the right).

Ninety minutes to do a fifteen minute job! Isn’t technology wonderful!


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