Dear Apple…

I really wanted an iPhone 5s.

It’s time I updated my old dumb phone and I thought this would be a good opportunity to do so but it seems that once again your desire to create a ‘buzz’ by artificially creating a supply shortage has put the the consumer (you know, those people that pay your bloody wages) at the back of the line. Sure, a few hardy (and possibly desperate) souls will get one today but for the majority of us, it looks like there’s going to be a wait (and wait and wait and wait…).

I really do have to wonder about a company the size of Apple that cannot create enough devices by launch date to satisfy the expected demand. Either it’s suffers from REALLY bad planning or a management that couldn’t care less about it’s customers; I.E. You and me, especially ME!.

So, I may end up getting one in the end in a few months time, or maybe I’ll just say screw it and go for an Android or even (gasp) a Windows phone because your attitude to we, your customers quite frankly, sucks!



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