How come…

I got the short straw?


I was watching a reality show on TV on Sunday afternoon and the wife, who had been out, came in and sat down to watch the end of the show with me. At the end of the show one of the guys in the show turns up with an English Bulldog puppy. Now bear in mind that we had to have our old dog put down last February and we said ‘no more’. Next thing the wife is saying that the local animal shelter is open till 6 PM. Me? I’m busy but her and the kid toddle off. Of course next thing I know they’ve found a dog up for adoption so guess who’s coming home on Wednesday!


Then I realize that my wife is going away for the weekend with her girlfriends the following day.

Oh, and the kid is away Friday/Saturday.

But wait it gets better….

Kid says ‘Oh, I’m going to be out Wednesday night too (the night the dog comes home)’.

And then for a final nail in the coffin, my wife say “I just remembered, I’m going out Wednesday night too because it’s one of the girls birthday’.


So. They all go get a dog, bring it home and then leave it to me to look after pretty much all weekend. Good job I’m a soft touch. I keep telling them I am annoyed but I’m not really!

This is the pooch at the shelter…


One year old (ish) Retriever mix (mixed with what I have no idea!). So now we (read I) have to puppy proof the house again. Let the training begin!



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