I Have Grass…!

My yard has slowly been getting worse and worse over the years so back in February I took a tiller to most of it, especially the front and reseeded it. After a while I had nice new grass so in a preemptive strike against the weeds I put week killer down. Bad move! The grass all died and so, while the rest of the neighborhood had lush green lawns all summer I had, depending on the amount of rain we had had or not had, either a mud bowl or a dust bowl but certainly not a lawn! All summer I have had ‘grass envy’!

So a few weeks ago I once again took a tiller to it then reseeded it and waited. At first I thought it had all just died again but then I noticed some green showing. After a couple of weeks I reseeded the empty spots and lo! Today I have something approaching a semi decent yard. Well, lets just say that it’s mostly green and mostly grass!




There’s a few weeds showing around the back but I am going to leave it alone for now, put down a per-emergent  early next year and then reseed it again later on.


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