Use reverse logic…

There was an item this morning on the TV about the problem of football (the American Variety) players suffering concussions and one comment was that no amount of helmet technology could reduce the danger.

So, using reverse logic, the solution seems simple to me, remove all that bloody padding and the helmets. Trust me, if it’s going to hurt you (the attacker) as much as it’s going to hurt the guy you are tackling then you are going to back off and use less force. Less force equals less danger of concussion. OK, so you might loose a couple of teeth (like Rugby players) but I think on balance losing a couple of teath is preferable to dementia any day.

The same argument applies to boxing, another sport where the participants suffer brain injuries. In fact the whole point of boxing is to inflict a brain injury (resulting in unconsciousness aka a knockout) on your opponent. Bare knuckle fighting might appear to be more barbaric but take away the gloves and people hit each other with a lot less force because it bloody well hurts to hit something with your bare knuckles. Try it, hit a wall, it ruddy hurts!

So that’s my solution to all these sports injuries, remove all the padding and protection that really only protects the attacker in the confrontation and let them suffer as much pain as the target. Superficial injuries might go up but I bet you brain trauma goes down. Isn’t that worth a busted knuckle or two.



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