It’s worse than that, he’s dead Jim…

According to this article on the BBC web site, it seems that states here in the good ol’ US of A are having a hard time obtaining a sufficiently lethal cocktail of drugs with which to execute death row prisoners because of the activities of various groups and legal ruling, especially in Europe.

I was particularly amused by this line (referring to compounding pharmacies that manufacture these drugs in small quantities):

Campaigners object to these pharmacies partly because of an incident last year when a compounded drug in Massachusetts was blamed for an outbreak of meningitis that left more than 60 people dead.

It just seems like a stupid objection, after all, isn’t the whole point of the exercise to actually kill people (Note. Personally I think the death penalty is stupid, it does nothing to deter violent crime and off hand I think spending your entire existence in a six foot cell is probably a far worse punishment).


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