Is Google run by Aliens…

In the TV series ‘V‘, the aliens used a form of energy called ‘Blue Energy’ that they ultimately gave to the human race.

When their leader (Anna) was asked why she had given us the Blue Energy she said that it was so that we (the human race) would be become dependent upon it and since they (the aliens) controlled it, we would be effectively in their power and dependent on them for it.

If you read this article by Robert X Cringely, you’ll see where I am going with this as someone that relied upon being high in the Google search results to run their business suddenly found themselves excommunicated as it were and thus unable to operate. We have all become very dependent upon the Google search engine, almost to the point that we have almost forgotten that there are actually other, albeit no so convenient, ways to find things out. So all it takes is for Google to turn off the tap so to speak and we are helpless. OK, I know in reality that someone else with an equally daft name will probably step up and take over if that were ever to happen but my point is that in many ways we really have become too dependent upon the search giant and that perhaps Google really is the ‘Blue energy’ of our age.


Anyway, I’m off now before Google removes my blog from their search results and I get even fewer readers than I already do!


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