But what if I have 10 elephants…?

I was channel surfing the TV last night and happened upon an episode of “How it’s Made” where they were describing the construction of wrecker trucks, the sort that recover overturned trucks etc on the highway. The section in question was talking about the boom for the crane jib and they described it’s lifting capacity as ‘nine elephants’ which is fine if you know what an elephant weights. More importantly though is what sort of elephant are we taking about here, Indian, African, pigmy, adult or juvenile, male or female and as the title of this post says, what if my truck weighs 10 elephants.

I have to admit that I have not noticed any placards on trucks expressing their weight in elephants but it must be there, otherwise why mention it on the show. You can imagine the conversation:

Hello, operator? I’ve crashed my truck and need a wrecker.

Certainly sir, how many elephants is your truck?

Elephants? It’s a ***** truck, not a circus.

I know sir but we have to know how many elephants it is to send out a wrecker of the correct lifting capacity.

I don’t know, ten!

I’m sorry sir, our wreckers only go up to nine elephants.

What am I supposed to do then?

Have you tried AAA.



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