On Hobby Lobby…

As always, these are my thoughts on the topic and I don’t really care if you agree or not!

Normally I ignore this stuff, what I believe is my belief, what you believe is yours and that’s fine but I got to thinking about this lately and I think that what this comes down to in it’s most basic form is this – “Does the exchange of service (your work) for payment (your pay) on a contractual basis (your job) entitle anyone in that organization to dictate to you what your thoughts or beliefs should be?”. Because if it does, the concept of freedom on any sort, the thing this country was founded on just went out of the window and down the drain. People work together within a business for a common goal, that goal (outside of ones pay) being whatever it is the business provides. The religious beliefs of it’s employees should not be of any concern to that business unless an employee does or says something based on their beliefs that might hurt the business in some way.




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