Lucina Fixed (again)…

So the replacement mod bars (I ordered two just to be safe) finally arrived so I did the fix today. I was very careful to test everything before I buttoned it all back up but of course I was so busy ‘messing around’ playing that I forgot to actually test the mod bar. Well, you know what’s coming next. Of course it did not work.

Take it apart, look at the old mod bar and there’s a small metal bar (circled in red) screwed to the bottom. Obviously I swapped this over from the original mod bar the first time ages ago but forgot this time.



So, take it all apart, swap the bar over, try again, good to go. Then I was looking at the picture above (second new mod bar on the left (first is in the Lucina), old on the right) and you’ll notice in the two top yellow circles there are two small bumpers. Well, guess who forgot to swap those over. They stop the mod bar being pressed down to far/hard onto the small contact on the circuit board that the mod bar screws to. So, take it all apart again, swap the bumpers over, put it all back together and finally, it is all good to go.

One of the things I really wish they had done with the Lucina is to bring the octave +/- and sustain jack as switches on the back near where your left hand is so that you could change octave without having to reach over to the front of the Lucina and also have a sustain without having to attach a foot pedal to the thing, which totally destroys any concept of moving around while playing since you have to keep running back to it to operate the sustain, plus it’s another long wire to trip over!

However from a cursory glance (I did not take things apart) I am not sure it would be that easy to connect extension wires to the circuit boards for the octave +/- switches since I think they use small surface mounted components for the contacts.

It ‘might’ be possible to connect something to the sustain plug since it has to be physically bigger but even that looks like a lot of messing. For the sustain I am thinking it might be easier to simple Velcro a switch to the back of the Lucina where I can operate it with my left hand and run a standard cable to the existing sustain jack. At least I’d then have sustain and not be tied to a pedal on the floor.



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