The Death of….

Well, pretty much any sort of delivery driver’s job.

Google have begun building prototype vehicles for their  driver-less car project and while the final product is probably some good way off, the writing is on the wall for delivery drivers.


Delivery drives includes the UPS/Fedex guy, taxi drivers and even truck drivers although that might take a little while longer, given the size and difficulty of driving and reversing an articulated truck. Combine the delivery guy job with an Amazon (or someone else’s) drone for the actual drop off at your home, or even an ambulatory (walking) robot for that part and essentially you are looking at the beginning of the end for that type of job.

It does beg the question though as to what all those people that are now out of work, plus the people in the infrastructure jobs that support them  like rest stops, gas stations will do for a living and that of course begs the question “what is the point of all this progress?” since without jobs to earn money, who will buy the goods that all these companies create using these highly efficient automated systems. Ultimately industry is cutting it’s own throat.

Still, that’s a discussion for another day.



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