My Busking Rig…

This is my setup from a few weeks ago before I built the pedal board.


The large box is my power supply. It holds (currently) a marine battery, an inverter and my mixer goes in the top with it’s somewhat large power supply transformer sitting in a wire basket clipped to the box. The array of pedals and wires on the floor is now replaced by the pedal board. I have my iPad mounted to the mic stand with an xClip and a bracket I co-opted for the job. I use foreScore to arrange my playlists and I also have an airturn BT-105 foot pedal to turn pages of the music on the iPad. The airturn is not really needed except for a couple of songs where I need to change page so it just makes it easier than having to stop playing while I swipe the screen.

The keytar stand is a modified guitar stand. I just cut the top off and welded new arms on to it to hold the keytar. Not perfect but it does the job!




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