The reverse diet blog…

A Facebook friend posted a link to a bloke’s fb blog about his diet and, credit where credit is due, he has apparently lost 63 pounds since starting which is great but of course, it got me thinking (as these things do) and it occurs to me that while I have seen loads of Facebook posts about people starting diets (usually in January!) and I’ve even seen the odd blog or two on the same subject and plenty of advice columns of course on getting thinner, I have yet to see anything on the reverse diet.

So what’s a reverse diet you may ask, and in case you haven’t figured it out I’ll explain anyway! Well, think about it. If a diet is about losing weight, a reverse diet must be about putting it on.

How many times have you seen a blog or advice column from someone that says “I’m going to stuff my self silly for 6 months and see how much fat I can gain!”?

Nope, I didn’t think so. I know I cannot recall reading anything like that and yet, and here’s the kicker, we mostly all do the reverse diet all the time. Think about it. How heavy are you now? How heavy were you say two years ago? There’s a good chance your weight has gone UP and yet you did not feel the need to blog about it or tell everyone on the planet (well, on Facebook anyway) about it every day, or record your progress in minute detail. Nope, we all just got fatter!

So why, oh bloody why, does everyone feel the need to tell everyone else about every ruddy ounce they lost when they are on a diet? Just beats me!

So anyway, let me tell you about MY diet….. or not…. LOL!


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