Why Protein bars are bad for you…

There’s a perception, especially if you are on a diet and/or working out, that protein bars are good for you. After all, it’s protein right, that MUST be good. But let’s have a look a little closer.

I took a typical protein bar, a Met-RX Big 100 which contains 32 grams of protein and like you I thought “That’s got to be good for me as a snack if I am really hungry”.


But then I took a look at the ingredients and nutritional information (from the Met-RX web site):


Sure it’s got 32 grams of protein but it’s also got 26 grams of sugars. That’s 6 teaspoons full of the stuff including the dreaded High Fructose Corn Syrup.

So basically, for as much good as it’s doing you, it’s probably doing as much harm if you are trying to control your sugar intake.



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