Diets and misleading advertizing…

Well, I guess all advertizing is misleading to some extent but that’s a topic for another day perhaps. No, this relates to a pot of Greek yoghurt my wife bought. This is the item in question:


Notice how it says 100 Calories in BIG letters so you think, wow, only 100 calories but if you look closer you will see that underneath that it say “per 3/4 cup serving” and the same comment is under the WeightWatcher’s endorsement to the side. What is interesting though is that if you look on the back it says “Serving Size 1 cup”.

So basically, that big 100 calories claim is a load of BS since even the manufacturer is saying (on the back) that a serving is one cup, not three quarters of one cup!

Anyway, I’ve switched from the high sugar content Activia to plain nonfat, Chobani Greek yogurt. Mix in a little fruit, throw it in the blender and that’s breakfast.


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