Staying on Track…

The hard part of being on a diet is keeping to it, especially after a few weeks and/or when the hunger pains start to gnaw at you. So how do you keep yourself motivated to stick with it?

For most things in life you have to do something to achieve a goal. Effort equals reward but with diets the reverse is true,it is the NOT doing something (eating) that gets you to your goal. It’s also a really, REALLY slow process and it’s often hard to see the results at times.

For me the trick has been to turn that ‘not doing something’ into a positive thing. By ‘not’ eating that snack when I get hungry (or bored) I say to myself that ‘I’ am in control of what I eat and when. I find it also helps to think that if I don’t eat it, I won’t have to lose it either!

Of course there are setbacks. From time to time my weight will jump UP a couple of pounds from the previous day because maybe I drank a little more in the day or had a slightly bigger evening meal than before, but the trick is to accept that and so long as the general trend is a steady progression down towards my goal, I am OK with small fluctuations like that.

Ultimately a diet of any sort, be it to lose weight or even to gain weight, such as muscle mass like a body builder for example, is all about control and being in control of what you eat and when. Turn that into a positive idea and you can stay on track and reach your goals.



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