My Diet…

This is pretty much what I have eaten every day for the last three months. I don’t snack at all, this is all I eat and don’t really get hungry. I do drink quite a lot of tea though as well, English style with milk, no sugar.

On this regime I have lost 30 pounds in those three months.



Breakfast at around 7:30 am is a large helping of zero fat Greek yogurt blended with some blueberries and strawberries, along with a cup of tea of course.

9:30 am


A banana just to help keep the hunger pangs away.

10:30 am


A protein drink blended with fruit. Very filling. This usually keeps me going until mid afternoon and also gets me ready to go to the gym later.


I train at the gym for 40 minutes in the week, three days on, one day off. On the rest day I hit the sun bed because the UV helps my psoriasis. If training days fall on a weekend, I’ll up the training session to around an hour and maybe do a little boxing on the bag as well for the cardio.

2:30 pm


Only if I’m feeling hungry

3:30 pm



Another protein drink blended with more fruit (I eat a LOT of fruit)

Dinner (around 7 pm)




Chicken stir fry. This is actually a meal for two (myself and my wife), my portion is the last picture. And yes, there is a beer in there (actually a cider). The aim is to lose weight, not feel like I stopped living, you still have to enjoy life. I might also have another cider later on in the evening but that’s it.

Like I say, I don’t snack, this is what I eat, pretty much every day. If we go out for a meal I try to have fish, Salmon is my favorite, and rice say but I don’t fret too much if I a stray away from the path once in a blue moon. Like I say, the aim is to lose weight, not to stop enjoying life and so long as I stick to the plan for the bulk of the time, it works out fine.



One Response to “My Diet…”

  1. Alex - Project Lady Says:

    Looks really healthy and easy :) Loved it :)

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