A Couple of thoughts on my diet…

I do sometime have a chicken curry and rice instead of the the stir fry for an evening meal but it’s not very often. I guess I am lucky that I like spicy food so my diet is not very bland. In fact I quite look forward to each day and the meals I will eat. Makes a change from just grabbing something “because it’s there” and now it does not bother me that there is other food in the house. I just “choose” not to eat it.

If you look at what I eat, other than the protein powder, there is virtually NO processed food amongst what it eat. Or to put it another way, nothing comes out of a box or packet. No additional sugars, no MSG or other preservatives, no food colorings or god knows what else. Just real food although I do like a beer (or cider these days) in the evening.

I will admit though that I do have the advantage of working from home so in some ways it’s a lot easier for me to follow this sort of regime as I have everything to hand. That said though, I have followed a similar diet in the past while working a ‘normal job’ and the only difference is that it tasks a little preparation time the previous night to get everything ready for the following day but you are talking about ten minutes. It’s not going to destroy your life!

As for the usual excuse of ‘no time’ to prepare proper meal. That stir fry takes me 15 minutes tops to cook and that includes defrosting the chicken.



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