Protectionism at it’s best….

Hershey, the US chocolate maker, makes Cadbury’s chocolate under license from the UK. They have recently won a court case that prevent the import of the British made version of that Chocolate into the US because they say, it hurts their sales. As a Brit I can say that the reason it hurts their sales is because their version of the chocolate tastes like crap and I wouldn’t feed it to pigs. In fact, it it is so far from tasting like ‘real’ Cadbury’s chocolate that I am surprised Cadbury’s even let them call it that.

So much for the open and free market economy in the biggest ‘open and free’ market economy in the world. As for Hershey’s chocolate, I won’t touch the stuff with a ten foot pole.

I’m not one for hash tags but how about #KeepCadburysReal




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