Diet Busters….

You know the thing, you see the ads on TV all the time. Only 100 calories, a healthy snack, all natural ingredients, part of your ‘diet’, blah blah blah…

Here’s the thing. If you are on a diet of any sort then you are by definition ‘controlling what you eat. It’s as simple as that. Diet = control.

A snack is, in general something you eat either because you are peckish (which equals uncontrolled eating) or you eat just because you want to (which also equals uncontrolled eating). In all cases, snacking is a diet buster.

That’s not to say that you cannot eat something you might consider a ‘snack’ as part of a controlled diet. In other words, you eat it because your calorie and/or protein intake for the day ALLOWS you to eat it and you eat it as part of your normal daily intake.

What you cannot do is to eat it IN ADDITION to what your diet allows. That’s snacking and it’s a diet buster.



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