USPS Fails (twice)…

I ordered some stuff online from two separate places recently.

One was shipped USPS (US Postal Service) and one was shipped UPS with the USPS handling the final delivery. Both have tracking numbers.

The USPS lost the first one! It shows up on their tracking web site as them having received pre delivery information and the seller tells me it was shipped. So where is it? Who knows but USPS tracking is no use at all. The seller is sending me a replacement item, shipped via UPS this time!

For the second item, I was able to track it across the country as UPS handled it. Right up until the time it was passed on to the USPS for delivery. Where is it now? Who knows! It’s somewhere between the local hand over place and my home is all I know. I ‘might’ get it today, I ‘might’ get it tomorrow. Based on the other item, I may never see it!


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