Beauty and the Beast…

Driving home today down the freeway, I was passed by one of these (Lexus RC F):


And I thought “That’s a really pretty car”.

A few moments later I passed one of these (BMW i3):


And I thought “That’s the ugliest car I’ve ever seen”. My exact thought was that it was a “turd on wheels” but I’m trying to be kind (and polite) here. Turns out the ‘turd’ is an electric car. But even so, motive power is no excuse to give up on the design side, or maybe it is!

Scene: BMW Design center somewhere in Germany (Spoken with a strong German accent):

Designer # 1. OK chaps (or whatever the German equivalent is), new car and we need to come up with a design.

Designer # 2. What is the power source?

Designer # 1. It’s Electric.

Designer # 2. Oh fuck it then, just throw any old crap together, no one will buy it anyway.

Vorsprung durch Clockwork then…!


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