The Diet – Progress…

It’s been a little while since I wrote anything diet wise so here’s a little update on my progress so far.

I started dieting (and putting some ‘real’ effort into my weight training again) at the start of last November. At that time I was 268 lb, got tired/winded easily and had a typical overweight ‘pear’ shaped body. I don’t have a picture of myself from that time but I probably looked somewhere between these two pictures:


The first 30 lb actually came off pretty easily without really being hungry over the next three and a half months and by mid February I had hit my initial target of 238.

At the same time I increased my workouts from three half hour sessions (of puffing and blowing LOL) a week to a schedule of three days on, one off per week of at least 40 minutes of hard, fast and reasonably heavy workouts, increasing to around an hour workouts at week ends.

Then it started to get hard. My main target weight was 235 lb and getting those last three pounds off was really hard. It did go but it took probably two to three weeks just to get my weight to stay below 235. Since I wanted to be not more that 235 lb I was really aiming for a target weight of between 230 and 235 lb but that got really hard to achieve.

In the end I figured I’d have to change my diet to make it happen so last week I found a web site that gives you an estimate of what you need in calories per day and how many you should consume to loose weight.

Basically it said that I need 2045 Calories per day to maintain my weight and that I should drop that by 600 a day for weight loss, so 1405 calories per day. Since I want to lose fat, not muscle, and I am training pretty heavy, that means I am eating a high protein diet.

When I totaled up the calories from my diet it only came to around 1100 or so which should have been more than enough to lose weight/fat.

In the end I figured it was the beer (actually cider) that was killing me. Since I like a drink or two (or three…) at night and each one was around 200 calories, it was easy to see where the excess was coming from.

I decided that if I stopped drinking (no bad thing anyway) I could have an extra protein drink per day and still come out ahead so that’s what I did a couple of days ago and that has been enough to kick start my fat loss again.

The scales ticked over at 229 lb this morning, a 39 lb loss since I started. I’m still not where I want to be body fat percentage wise (can’t see my abs yet) but it’s getting close.

At this stage the trick will be to stop the weight loss and yet still lose the rest of the fat. The hard part with doing that is that there’s no easy way to see your progress other than looking in the mirror and losing a pound of far over your entire body does not really show as any significant change, unlike pure weight loss that you can see on the scale.

Still, I have three and a half months to go before we go on vacation and hit the beach so I just have to stay on track until then.



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