Not sure 6% is achievable without going waaaay too thin. I was at the gym today and asked if they had one of those body fat measuring gizmos. Well they did and it said I am at 22%. That means that with a body weight of 230 pounds I have around fifty pounds of fat, so to be at 6% fat I’d have to weigh around 190 lbs. Far too light for me these days. I was that weight 40 years ago when I swam a few miles every day. I was also as thin as a pencil which is great if you are a swimmer, not so much for kicking sand in people’s faces on the beach LOL! I jest but you get the idea, these days I want a bit more muscle than back then.

Basically I am trying to lose fat without losing weight which means whatever fat I lose I have to gain in muscle mass and that’s just not easy. Sure, you can gain muscle mass if you train heavy and eat, but the trick here is to walk that fine line where I eat enough to gain that muscle while creating a calorie deficit so I lose fat. Those beers at night are not helping either!



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