Happy New Year – 2016….

Well it’s been a funny ol’ year. The diet went ok, then not so ok. Right now it’s not doing too badly. I’m up a few pounds from summer (around 12) but still not too heavy and the training is going well. Hopefully I’ll really get into it again next year and get cut again and if not, well, so long as I am not too heavy, that’s ok with me.

Santa brought me the flu for Christmas although it seems to have mostly gone now (fingers crossed).

We’ve had the usual share of family problems and successes, ups and downs. I am sure things will probably carry on pretty much the same in that regard for next year. So long as we are all well and together, I can cope with that.

The world seems as messed up now as it was a year ago. I can only hope for the best but I suspect next year will bring more terrorist atrocities and police shootings (of mostly black kids sadly).

Looking forward to the presidential election. Although I said I’d NEVER vote Republican, if Trump gets the nomination and the choice is him or Hilary, I’d vote for Trump because I think this country needs a good shaking up from the status quo, plus I need a good laugh!

And so with that I’d like to wish y’all a Happy and Prosperous New Year for 2016.


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