Hacking the Jamman – got data…

So I broke out my Arduino stuff and hacked together an interface using a breadboard to the Jamman sync cable.  Cobbled together a version of the data capture program I found on the web and finally got it to show me some data!


This is my setup, cable from the Jamman to the breadboard on the Arduino:


This is the Arduino with a breadboard stuck to a blank shield board:


The serial monitor window showing the raw midi data from the Jamman:


The short messages are just an “I am here” type of message. The longer messages occur when things happen. I did notice (or at least I think I did) that it seems to send a long message when I change the patch up or down (using the three button switch you can see in the top picture) but that having done so, it did NOT then send another one when I pressed the pedal to start recording. Have to look into that!

Still a long way to go but at least it is progress of a sort.



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