Hacking the Jamman – mmmmm…

So I played around with the midi tonight. The Jamman seems to send out a midi message when you select a tempo but the main problem I have found is that it does NOT send out a message when you start recording. It does send a message when you stop recording/switch to loop playback and it does send out a message if you stop the loop or start it again after recording it.

What I want to do is to convert those signals into mid to control a drum machine as a slave to the Jamman, rather than the other way around since my foot switch controls the Jamman.

What this all means is that I could not have a drum loop playing from a slaved drum machine during the initial record cycle. It would have to start when I switched into play mode after the initial loop is recorded.


There also does not seem to be any sort of ‘sync’ information in the messages unless something in the ‘I am here’ message indicates sync timing. That would mean that the slave is effectively free running as far as timing is concerned which is no better than just having them setup independently. I find it hard to believe they would rely on the accuracy of the individual units to maintain synchronization so there must be something about the ‘I am here’ messages that can be used as a sync signal. All I need to do is find it ha ha!



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