Hacking all sorts of stuff…

So while I am in ‘midi’ mode I decided to revisit the Lucina midi problem. If case you missed it, the Lucina seems to be sending midi ‘note on’ messages for all but the first note, instead of ‘note off’ messages when I release a chord. This only happens periodically but leads to stuck notes and other strange behaviors.

So I decided I’d write a little Arduino program to fix the issue. I was in the middle of that when I decided to ‘just try the Lucina’ with my rack synth. Actually I just felt like messing around and playing a little music.

But strangely I was not seeing, or rather hearing, the problem at all. Now based on recent experience with the cheap usb midi interface I was using it could well be that that was causing me to see crappy data (using Midi OX to view the midi data) so who knows. Maybe there’s a problem, maybe not.

So I pulled out the old FCB 1010 midi controller foot pedal and hooded that up into the system so I have some sort of volume control.

However I noticed flashing leds all over the place. Seems the Lucina sends ‘Active Sensing’ midi message all the time and these screw up the FCB 1010 so I may well end up creating an Arduino based midi box to filter those messages out since nothing uses them anyway. But if  I am doing that I may as well add the code to ‘fix’ the apparent stuck note problem since the box would be in the midi circuit anyway.


Oh, and I’ve decided to go with a Beat Buddy drum foot pedal to augment the loop pedal drums, I still need to sort out the Jamman sync timing but the BB seems to be well supported by an active user forum and unlike units made by large companies, the creator of the BB is a smaller outfit and seems to be very responsive to user requests and issues.



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