On the Presidential Race – The bigger picture……

Looks like Bernie has lost the Democratic race which is a shame because I really don’t like that woman but I’m still a working class sorta guy so if she is the nominee then I want her (and thus the Dems) to win the actual Presidential race.

With the NC elections scheduled for March 15 (although I am off to do my early vote shortly) the only way to ensure she wins is to make sure Trump gets the GOP nomination, thus effectively screwing the GOP because now they are in disarray as it looks like Trump is actually going to win the nomination (which I think is hilarious).

And if by some freak of nature, Trump does become president, I think we’ll watch the entire American political system unravel and given that it seems to be pretty much impotent anyway right now we’ll still come out winners.

So brace yourself, here comes the revolution!



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