Hacking the Jamman – Found a couple of problems…

First off, I found that when I select a track on the Jamman with a tempo of 132 (it’s a pre recorded track), the BB goes to 131 instead of 132 BPM. Guess I need to dump the sysex from the Jamman and see what data values it’s putting out.

I also modified the code so that stopping the Jamman would cause the Beat Buddy to play the drum Outro and then end. This enables me to stop them both with a single push of the stop button on the Jamman foot switch.

This is somewhat complicated because when recording to a blank track there are NO messages about the recording actually happening until you press the pedal again to stop recording and start playback at which time you get a STOP message which is rather confusing.

Anyway I figured I could just track the Jamman pedal state internally (playing or not playing) and switch state when I see the stop message. I could then use the perceived play state and stop message to send a ‘play outro’ CC message to the Beat Buddy.

This works most of the time but since the Arduino does not really know the play state of the Jamman it can get itself lost and stop the Beat Buddy when it should not.

It’s still better than a lot of double pedal tap dancing to stop them both and when it works (which is most of the time) it works really well but it still needs a bit of tweaking I think before it’s ready for prime time.


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