Spring is about to …

Walking the dog tonight I was reminded of the scene at the end of the TV series, “The Langoliers” (based on the Stephen King story) where they have all come forward in time but have arrived just ahead of ‘now’ and are waiting for it to catch up to them. In that scene everything was ‘newer than new’ and busting with life, just waiting to literally ‘explode’ onto the scene.

That’s how it felt walking the dogs in the woods tonight. Everything was still dormant from the winter, no leaves on the trees, no flowers, the grass pretty much as it was the last time it was cut, but you could just ‘feel’ the life in everything just waiting to burst out at any moment in a blaze of glory.

Religious or not, you can’t help but wonder at how amazing it is.


Of course, in couple of weeks we’ll all be complaining about the pollen and hay fever, but for now, just soak it up while you can.


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