Hacking the Jamman – Hackman lives….

So I finished up the Hackman tonight. I have a few small and annoying problems like the power connector on the mock up Arduino I as using (an old one that did not work) was set slight further back than the one on the actual board I was using which resulting in the actual board not fitting onto the mounting plate until I’d opened up the hole for the power lead to accommodate it. That and a bad connection inside one of the plugs I’d made up to connect the midi out connector to the daughter board I’d built which cost me another couple of hours to track down.

Oh, and I wired the bloody indicator led up backwards Duh!

However once all that was done, it works fine.

All I’ve got to do now is make room on the pedal board for the drum pedal, mount Hackman on the pedal board above the other pedals because it will be at the back and squeeze another two wall wart power supplies in there for the drum pedal and the Hackman.

Still, all in all, pretty cool.


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