Hacking the Jamman – New Pedal Board…

Well, I had to make a new pedal board as it was NOT going to all fit on the old one. Well, it would so long I did not want to actually connect anything to anything else! So here’s the new board:


All the power leads are hooked up although I still need to hook up the midi cable from the Hackman to the Beat Buddy (all I’ve got is a really long one for now) but most annoyingly, I’ve misplaced (I.E lost) a TRS cable I had with right angle plugs on it to hook up the Hackman to the Beat Buddy so it looks like I’ll have to make a trip to the music store soon to get another cable.



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2 Responses to “Hacking the Jamman – New Pedal Board…”

  1. ltlfrari Says:

    Afraid I cannot share the code, sorry.

  2. Honza Hrubeš Says:

    Hi! Great work there! I’ve done some work on similar interface which make the Jamman slaved to midi clock. But I never got it to work well. Would you mind sharing your code? It might help me a bit… you can contact me here: ashimoke at gmail

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