Hacking the Jamman – More mods…

So right now I have my Hackman is setup to only send  tempo midi messages to the Beat Buddy when the tempo changes. This is fine, so long as it actually changes. However, if for example track 130 and 131 are the same tempo for some reason (maybe I was messing around on 131 andset it to 130 bpm) and I change drum tracks on the BB, then I need to toggle the track on the Jamman to get the Hackman to send a tempo command the the BB.

If I just toggle to track 131 say, and then back to 130 the tempo did not change because both are at 130 so the Hackman does not send a tempo command to the BB.

So I plan to change it so that when it is NOT in playing mode the Hackman sends a tempo command to the BB any time it receives as tempo message from the Jamman. When the Hackman thinks the Jamman IS playing, I’ll only send a tempo command when the tempo actually changes.

Another way of handling this would be to hook up the BB midi OUT to the Hackman and then resend the current tempo any time the drum track changes on the BB. However that would require me to add another socket and wiring to the Hackman for the midi out from the BB so the previous solution seems easier for now. However I might still do this latter mod later on.

Another thing I need to do is to add a reset button to the Hackman to reset the internal ‘playing’ mode flag. If I hit the stop button when the Jamman is in fade out mode the Hackman thinks it’s started playing again and so sets the play flag on (The Jamman sends out a stop signal at the end of the initial recording loop even though it is dropping into ‘play’ mode so I have to treat both stop and play as actually meaning play). This then results in a lot of random toe tapping between the Jamman and the stop button to reset the play mode flag in the Hackman. It will be a lot easier if I just have a simple button I can press to reset the play mode flag if/when I mess up, even if I have to bend down to do it.


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