Hacking the Jamman – Inspiration…

So one thing I mentioned earlier that  I needed to do was to add a reset switch for the play mode function in the Hackman. but then I got to thinking about the switches I already have in there. Right now those are hooked up directly to the switch input in the Beat Buddy and are used to switch songs up and down. But then it occurred to me that you can switch songs up and down with midi so why not connect the switches to the Arduino inside the Hackman and have IT then send the appropriate midi commands to the Beat Buddy. What’s cool about this is that I could also make it resend the last tempo it saw any time it switched Beat Buddy tracks. That would mean I would not need to do a load of foot tapping on the Jamman to reset the tempo if I changed Beat Buddy tracks since the Hackman would do it for me.

It would also remove the need for the switch cable from the Hackman to the Beat Buddy OR I could still keep that and assign different functions to a pair of switches. If I did that I think I’d make the external switch box free standing instead of being attached to the pedal board because reaching over to the back to press buttons is not that easy and it’s just be a simple plug and go operation to setup since there’s no power involved.

The other advantage of integrating the Hackman switches into the Arduino is that I could also detect when both switches are pressed together and use that to reset the play mode flag internally. Since this in not something I need to do very often (only when I mess up my foot tapping between pedals) I think that would work great and be a usable solution to what I am trying to do.

Sometime I amaze myself at how bloody good I am !



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