Craiglist filters….

Being a musician (or at least I like to think that I am) I often look at the local Craigslist musicians section, mostly for open mics etc. Sometimes though you want to filter out some results. Being a keys player, I might not want to see any adverts for bass players, drummers or guitarist for example (this is just an example I have nothing against guitarists and drummers, bass players, not so sure LOL!)

Now I am sure you are used to searching for things by entering the search term but did you know that you can ask for things NOT to be returned in the search list. In Craigslist you can enter something like the following:

-(term1 | term2 | term3)

The minus sign means ‘not’, the brackets group everything inside into the ‘not’ term and  the vertical bars mean ‘or’ so basically the above means “return everything (in the current section, for example musicians) EXCEPT anything that contains ‘term1’, ‘term2’ or ‘term3′”. You can of course code as many exclusion terms as you need.

So for example you could code the following to exclude guitarist bass players and drummers in the search box in the musicians section:

-(bass | guitar | drummer)

This is the search result WITHOUT the filter:


This is the same section with the filter:


You can see that several entries have been removed.

Date vs Relevance

One annoyance of Craigslist is that a lot of the search results are returned by default in “relevance” order (not even sure what that actually means when you have not searched on anything specific) when really you want is in most recent first.

Over on the right there is a button that lets you select Newest (I.E. Date order) or Relevant (relevance order) so before saving the search as a shortcut (see below) you might want to switch the sort order by clicking on the appropriate button.


Making it into a shortcut

Rather than typing that in every time and then having to set the search order to newest, you can make the whole thing into a shortcut in your browser by dragging the icon next to the address bar (in Firefox at least which is what I use mainly) onto the menu bar or into a folder that is already on there or even just onto your desktop:


Then all you need to do is to click on that shortcut to rerun the search exactly as you saved it.



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