My Prediction…

For the next President of the US…..


Ted Cruz…


Not that that is the result I want, far from it because I think you can say goodbye to the Affordable Care act and what Abortion rights still exist and if you are LBGT, forget it, you may as well leave the country now.


So here’s why I think Cruz will get it.

On the Democratic Side, it will be Hillary. I don’t really like her and would vote for Sanders over her any day but it is what is is and I just don’t think Bernie will get enough delegates to get the nomination.

For the GOP, Trump has pretty much shot himself in the foot this last week over women and abortion issues. He’ll end up with not enough delegates to take the nomination and the party will vote their favorite son in as their nominee because the GOP really does not like trump (in case you hadn’t noticed).

So the election will come down to Cruz vs Hillary.

People really don’t like Hillary, too smarmy and if she won, we’d just have another four years (at least) like the last eight with the GOP doing everything in it’s power to undermine her and prevent her from doing anything.

So Cruz will win and with a Republican Congress and President they’ll bend over backwards to undo everything positive that’s been done over the last eight years. If you’re frightened by the concept of Socialism now, just wait until true capitalism takes a hold. Think you have it bad now, you ain’t seen nothing yet unless you are one of the wealthy few.


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