Hacking the Jamman – Rethinking mods….

Well it turns out I cannot easily make the Hackman step though the songs in the Beat Buddy because there’s no midi function in the BB to let me do that. I can select specific folders and songs within folders but not simple step forwards and backwards through them.

I cannot really use the specific folder/song method because there’s no way for the Hackman to ‘know’ what folder/song the Beat Buddy is set to. I could set them to match manually but if I manually change the folder/song on the Beat Buddy, they would be out of step but then as soon as I changed the folder/song via the Hackman, it’s just to whatever the next folder/song the Hackman was set to. Overall, not an ideal user interface.

However I could still send the last known tempo which is the whole point of this (to avoid me having to do a tap dance on the Jamman after I change Beat Buddy tracks) so it might be still be worth it.

So I think that what I am going to do is to continue building the new Hackman and even still install two switches in it but Hooked up to the Arduino, so that I can at least still reset the internal ‘playing’ flag and hope that at some point in the future they add the midi function I need to the Beat Buddy. I’ll then remove the Arduino from the old Hackman and just use that as an external ‘off pedal board’ switch box to select drum tracks just like I do now, but being off pedal board will make it easier to get to since right now being at he back of the board, it’s not easy to reach.



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