Hacking the Jamman – Version 2…

So the Version 2 box is done. The main difference is that there’s only one switch now that is connected to the Arduino to reset the ‘playing’ flag if things get out of sync between what the Hackman thinks the Jamman is doing and what the Jamman actually is doing. I’ve not done the reset software yet though so the switch does nothing.

Enough chatter, some pictures…

Midi in and out:


Power socket and programming connector:


The guts of the beast (I always think it’s a shame that you have to hide the most interesting bit):


I tested it with the version one software and it works fine so it’s on the pedal board. I’ve got a gig tomorrow morning so it’ll be a chance to try the new setup out. I’ll take the old Hackman along just to use it as a switch box for the Beat Buddy since the switches are not connected to anything internally. Also, if this one fails for any reason, the guts are still inside the old Hackman so I can just swap them over. Since I’ve got spare boxes and switches, I may just build a new switch box and leave the old Hackman as a spare.




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