iPhone fun (or not)…

I took a rather large video the other day, 40 mins or so, around 1.3 Gig and wanted to transfer to to my Windows desktop. Should be easy, plug in the iPhone, drag and drop!

Well, not so much!

The first problem was that the video would not show up in Windows. I have NO idea why but since I could not see it in Windows, I could not do anything with it (obviously).

So! How to get it off my iPhone and onto my Windows box?

First off I thought of using Dropbox. I resurrected an old Dropbox account, installed the app on the phone and set it off transferring the file. THREE hours later it have moved about 10% of the file. This was not going to work. Cancelled the transfer.

So, search for an app or windows software to do it. First off I tried iFunBox. No problem with it as such except that it requires iTunes and there’s no way I am installing that piece of crap on my Windows box. I’ve never understood the iTunes interface and I never know what it will do to the stuff on my apple devices (iPods in the past) so I just don’t want to go anywhere near it.

Then I found Photo Sync.



It’s a paid app but at $2.99 it’s worth it. As well as the app itself there’s a Windows component that you have to install. After that the app finds my  my PC itself (using the Apple Bonjour service I think). It took maybe 10 minutes to transfer the file over my wireless network at home from the phone to my pc.

Should you need to, you can also go the other way and transfer pictures and video from the pc to the phone just by dragging the file onto the ‘drop’ area that’s tied to the system tray on the Windows desktop.

The app worked great.

However it’s really annoying and not a little frustrating that it took me most of the day to figure out how to transfer this one large file between two devices and I’m pretty technically savvy. Heaven help your ‘average’ user. I thought technology was supposed to make your life simpler. Sometimes it fails to do that big time!



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