Hackman – one more mod (part 2)…

My ‘one more mod’ was to detect a double tap stop and avoid setting the internal ‘playing’ indicator on the second tap which is what happens now if you do a double tap (which is why I need the foot switch on the box to be able to reset it).

Should be dead easy, setup a timer and if you see a second stop within the timeout period, ignore it.

However I have found that the timer library I am using (TimerOne) seems to drive the timer exit as soon as you attach it. This might be great for turning an LED on and off but not so much use for my intended use which is as an actual timer!

I’ve managed to finagle the code to ignore the initial timer interrupt and it mostly now works, I’ve just got one ‘glitch’ in the code somewhere where it still fails to ignore the second ‘stop’ under certain circumstances.

Sometimes what looks simple just isn’t!


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