iPhone Wireless Charging…

Now that I can get pictures and videos off my iPhone without plugging it in to the PC thanks to the Photo Sync app I wrote about earlier I decided to give wireless charging a go. My phone sits on my desk most of the day so it’s just as easy to have it sit on a wireless charging station instead.

I decided to go with the iQi Mobile wireless receiver for the phone and the Incipio Ghost 110 for the base charging unit.


I have an Otterbox defender case for my iPhone so my main concern was would it work with this case? First off I put it next to the phone inside the internal plastic case. Did not appear to work. So I removed the case and just tried it next to the phone. Still no action. It seems it has to be the ‘right way around’ so I turned it around and voila, it works. So I put the case back on. Nope, not working although maybe I did not leave it long enough on the charger but it did not look like it was working even though I moved it around a bit.

So I moved the receiver so that it now sits between the inner plastic case of the Otterbox and the rubber exterior case. Tried it again and it works just fine.

Having left it to charge for a little while I think this is probably the better option anyway since the receiver seems to get quite hot so being a little further away from the phone and insulated by the plastic case is probably a good thing.

But so far, so good!




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