How to save a grand (or so)…

We have a Vizio 60 inch LCD TV, model i600-b3 (that’s important). We’ve had it about 18 months. Towards the end of the warranty it would turn off occasionally but I did not worry about it. Of course, once the warranty expired, it got worse. To the point where it took 90 minutes to watch a 60 minute program. The screen would go blank but then you had to wait for the little light to come on and then fade out. At that point you could turn it on again. Sometimes it took a couple of minutes to go through that cycle and then it would turn right off again. I was about to throw something heavy and damaging through the bloody thing.

Then I went online. Seems it’s a comon problem and from what I read, Vizio won’t replace or repair it either (that’s just what I read, could be wrong). However the general consensus was that the problem is the power supply board and that replacing it fixes the problem. even better you can pick them up ‘new’ (recovered from new but broken TVs) for anything from $25 and up. I got one from an established supplier rather than fleaBay. Came the other day. Swapped the boards over and the TV is (so far anyway) all OK again.


The offending board:


Not much in here:



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