More progress – MIDI interface…

After a LOT of research and trial and error I finally found an Arduino Due prototype shield by nkcelectronics that has the Ardiono pins broken out AND a good mix of pin spots and strips that I can use to build up a prototype MIDI interface board. It’s actually for an Arduino MEGA but the pin placement is the same for the important pins like power etc and all the rest are just i/o anyway so it works just fine with the Due.

One problem is that MIDI typically runs at 5v while the Arduino Due runs at 3.3v so unlike my earlier Arduino (UNO) MIDI projects that could just hook up directly to the Arduino Uno, this one requires voltage level shifting circuits as well.

This is my circuit for the MIDI in and out:


This is the prototype board with the sockets, connectors and the TXB0104 board (Adafruit) in place:


I added a small piece of Veroboard to the prototype board so that I could solder some of the components to it as the prototype board just has a lot of those through hole connections and strips make it so much easier to hook things up, even if I do have to solder to the top of board.



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