Couriouser and Couriouser…

Well it works, just not when hooked up to the MIDI controller on the pedal board that it will eventually be hooked up to. Now this might be because I am using really long MIDI cables since my little gadget has to sit near my computer since I am using the USB to power it plus also to receive the debugging messages I have built into the code, while my pedal board is on the other side of the room.

So as a little test I hooked up my iRig midi interface to my iPad and used Midi Wrench to send it some midi commands and it worked just fine. I could see the debugging messages in the Arduino Serial Monitor. I even hooked up the output midi from my gadget back to the input midi on the iRig and could see the commands getting passed through the device and returned to the iPad where I could see them in Midi Wrench.

So, I am hoping it’s just a matter of using short cables. Since the new box will live right next to the existing box on the pedal board that should not be a problem. It could well be because the Arduino just cannot drive the output midi hard enough to go over a long cable. I could always beef up the output circuits in the other box but if it works with a short cable (pleas god make it work with a short cable!) I’ll leave that for a future revision (I.E. Never!).

Anyway, just for fun and to relieve the boredom, here’s a couple of pictures:

First up is the iRig test setup (sitting on top of my shredder):


And next, inside my magic box:


I always think it’s a shame that people (I.E ME!) put so much effort into building things like this and then have to go and hide it all inside some nondescript project box. For me, after getting the bloody thing working properly, what’s inside the box is the best part!


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